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Immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities. With the industry leading VR headset, our virtual reality experience offers heart-pounding action, mind-bending puzzles, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Book your session today and embark on an immersive journey you will never forget.


1 Hour


Virtual Reality

Experience the best VR has to offer.

50+ VR Titles

Best VR Headset on the Market

Share your time with a friend

Walk Ins Only

*Walk-ins available during our opening hours


2 Hours


Virtual Reality+

Experience the best VR has to offer... For longer!!

45% Off your second hour

Twice as long and twice as fun

Share your time with a friend

Walk Ins Only

*Walk-ins available during our opening hours


With an extensive selection of VR games, the possibilities are limitless. We guarantee there's something for everyone to enjoy and experience.


I had so much fun here, Leon & Harry were so helpful and friendly (and unjudgemental considering it was my first time using VR). - Such a nice and chill environment, I would definitely recommend a visit

Lili J

Such good fun. My first VR experience and really enjoyed playing. Loved it

Robbin J

Great enthusiastic staff and very impressive setup. I highly recommend for any events or even if you just got a free afternoon for pc gaming.

Leon B

Really great entertainment space with great hosts. Definitely recommend the VR room, nothing else like this on Island

Chris L


Can I wear glasses in the headset?

Some people who are short sighted shouldn't have a problem without their glasses as the lenses are extremely close to the face. However, if you are far sighted or have other visual impairments we can fit glasses within the headset, we do however ask that you bring you're slimmest pair of frames, as anything with large wings or larger frames may have difficulties fitting into the headset and will negatively impact your experience with us.

Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions here!

What VR Games do you have?

We have a great collection of titles from the beginning of VR to current Triple A Blockbusters, Check them out on our games page here!

Can my child play VR?

The headset has an insert to allow for smaller heads, as such your child should find the headset comfortable and clear!

However, some of our titles can be on the scary side, so we will ensure that they are in age appropriate games, unless they get permission from the relevant parent or carer!

Do my VR games save?

If you're hopping into a game with a long campaign such as Half Life: Alyx and want to continue your progress the next time you come to Blink Arena, let one of our pro's know and they'll grab your save file for later use!

I'm new to VR, do you have something to ease me into it?

We have a big collection of VR titles for all levels of VR user. Just let one of our Pro's know and they'll recommend you into something more fitting for your skill level!

What headset do you have?

We have the Valve Index with the knuckle controllers, that allows for pin point accurate room scale tracking and individual finger tracking! Making for the most immersive VR experience available.