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Forged for competitive gaming, featuring 10x RTX powered gaming PCs in a LAN setup, experience PC gaming like never before.

£10 per hour

1+ hour(s)


Arena Session

Explore the world of PC gaming.

60+ PC games

Perfect for individuals or groups

Drinks and snacks available

Walk Ins Only

*Walk-ins available during our opening hours

£7.50 per hour

1+ hour(s)


Student Discount

Bring a valid ID for 25% off. Walk-ins only.

Student only discount

25% Off

Drinks and snacks available

Walk Ins Only

*Walk-ins available during our opening hours


Our PC games library has been carefully handpicked to highlight the very best of PC gaming. From the hottest esports titles to party games and PC classics, our computers have 60+ games ready to play. Whether you've never gamed on a computer before or are an esports fanatic, we've got you covered.


What a great space, was really fun doing a gaming tournament with friends all in the same place!

Alex C

Overall it was an amazing experience. Very Well set up and the VR experience was brilliant and plenty of games to choose from! I was expecting the games to be quite easy but they are as challenging as you want them!

Jay M

Great, enthusiastic staff, loved using the VR, especially Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes! Highly recommend

Calvin S

I had so much fun here, Leon & Harry were so helpful and friendly (and unjudgemental considering it was my first time using VR). - Such a nice and chill environment, I would definitely recommend a visit

Lili J

pc Arena FAQs

Do my games save?

If you use one of our accounts unfortunately any single player or multiplayer progress you make will be locked in at Blink Arena. So we recommend you have your own account especially for games that are free as you can then progress your own account that you can play at home.

Can I download my own games?

Our PC's are filled to the brim with games and apps meaning we only have small amounts of space for updates and some buffer room for steam workshop content. For the time being we would like you to refrain from downloading any new games to our PC's.

What games do you have on the PCs?

For our PC's, we have 60+ titles downloaded and ready to play and we plan on adding even more! Check them out on our games page here!

However, some games we only have limited licenses to share between the PC's, if you want to check if a game falls under these limited licenses please contact us!

What PCs and peripherals do you have?


- RTX Geforce 3060

- i5-11400F

- 16GB RAM (DDR4)

- 1GB Ethernet Connection


- Custom built desks

- Corsair T2 Road Warrior (Gaming chairs)

- Logitech G213 RGB (2ms, 4mm Actuator)

- Logitech G203 Lightsync (1ms, 200 - 8,000 DPI)

- Cooler Master CH321

Can I play on my own account?

Absolutely. When you log into one of our gaming PCs and you choose a game you are given the option to sign in on your own account or use one of Blink Arena's accounts. However please bare in mind, that any steam workshop content you have downloaded to your account will have to download before you play which can take some time depending on the quantity of mods.